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as low as $41/day*

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*This price is based on a 7-day rental period


Riding electric bikes is quickly becoming Bermuda's favorite family activity. It's the perfect way to explore the island's stunningly scenic old railway trails & get some fresh air!


Bermuda has hundreds of hidden beaches, coves, and nature reserves -- many of which are not very well known and not accessible by road. Our challenge to you is to be adventurous; go off the beaten path, and find your own secluded nook of paradise!

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Basic Rental Moped
Basic Moped   2 Seater

Our Basic Mopeds are brand-new models. Perfect for beginner riders - while they are smaller, they still pack a peppy little engine! We recommend a Basic Moped for a smaller-sized person. They can seat 2 smaller people although for a more comfortable ride we recommend a Large Moped if you have a passenger. Recommended max load: 350 lbs

Large Rental Moped
Large Moped   2 Seater

Our Large Mopeds are brand-new models, full-size scooters with large 16" wheels and high-performing engines. Effortless on the open road and great for long-distance adventures! We recommend Large Mopeds for larger folks and they're perfect for two average-sized people who want a substantial motorcycle to tour Bermuda. Recommended max load: 450 lbs

Electric Bikes
Electric Bicycle   1 Seater

Electric Bicycles are the perfect way to get around Bermuda! Enjoy riding on-road or off-road, exploring Bermuda's railway trails and hidden reserves with ease! Recommended max load: 300 lbs

Vespa Rental
Vespa Primavera   2 Seater

The Vespa Primavera is a classic, quintessential Italian-made scooter. Perfect for photoshoots or just a little indulgence in life's finer things!

Recommended max load: 400 lbs


Renting from ScooterMart Rentals™ is fast and easy!


Make a reservation by clicking Book Now.

Our reservation system will ask for your rental dates, the bike types you'd like to rent, and your information. Use a credit card to pay via our secure online payment portal, and voila! You're all set and confirmed.

We understand that plans change, so we offer 100% refunds on all reservation cancellations with at least 12 hours of notice.

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With your reservation # handy, head on over to the rental start location you selected in Step 1.

Either our ScooterMart Rentals™ HQ in Dockyard or our Elbow Beach Cycles™ location in Paget.  From there you can either self-checkout using our iPad kiosks or ask a friendly customer service attendant for assistance. We will then size you up with a helmet that fits you correctly & then proceed to Step 3!


Safety is our #1 priority. Now time for a safety course on how to operate the rental bike.

Once we are confident that you can operate the vehicle safely and proficiently - that's it! You're off and exploring Bermuda! Please return the vehicle at or before the rental end time to avoid late return penalities.

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