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  • Do I need a Bermuda drivers license to rent a moped?
    You don't need a Bermuda drivers license to rent a moped, any international drivers licence is sufficient. As long as you are over 18 years old and pass our safety & operational proficiency tutorial - you are all set to rent a scooter in Bermuda!
  • What is the minimum age requirement to rent?
    To operate a rental moped in Bermuda you must be at least 18 years old. Although, anyone over 10 years old can be a pillion passenger.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    For cancellations, we offer 100% refunds as long as you provide us with at least 12-hours of notice (prior to the scheduled start time of your rental). Just shoot us an email to The refunds must be processed via an online payment gateway so please allow for 2-5 business days for the refund to hit your account.
  • How far away are you from the cruise ship port?
    Our ScooterMart Rentals (Dockyard) location is about a 3-4 minute walk from the cruise ship ramps in The Royal Naval Dockyard. Our Elbow Beach Cycles location is in the center of the island (Paget Parish) and its roughly 30 minutes from Dockyard by Bus or Taxi.
  • Are helmets required? Are they included?
    Yes, when using any motorized 2-wheel vehicle in Bermuda it is required by law that you wear a helmet. This is very strictly enforced and there is a zero-tolerance policy for failing to wear a helmet. Helmets are included with no additional charge for the primary driver and pillion passenger.
  • Where do I leave my moped overnight?
    Think of renting a scooter in Bermuda the same as renting a car in the USA. It's your vehicle for the entire duration of the rental period. So overnight, simply park it in any moped parking area (moped parking is free in Bermuda). Use the keys provided to lock the vehicle, take your helmets inside to your hotel or cruise ship, and it will be waiting for you to use the following morning. In Dockyard (Cruise ship port) there are large, free moped parking lots on the cruise ship docks (about 15 feet away from the cruise ship ramps).
  • Is there moped parking at the beach?
    Yes! Parking a moped/scooter/motorcycle is free and there is plenty of parking at all the beaches around Bermuda. Mopeds are the most popular form of transportation in Bermuda so rest assured that parking is almost never an issue - with plenty of moped parking at all restaurants, hotels and key destinations like Crystal Caves or the Town of St Georges.
  • Will my bike get stolen?
    Theft is always a possibility so it's a good idea to be extra cautious. Although if you're leaving your bike in Dockyard overnight, there is a very low risk. Leaving your bike at beaches, restaurants and the City of Hamilton can have increased theft risks so we recommend to always lock your handlebars with the key provided to you. Additionally, if you choose to get the additional $8/day CLW (Comprehensive Liability Waiver), you will be covered for any damages or losses to your rental vehicle over $100 (including theft).
  • What is the Preparation fee?
    The preparation fee is a one-time, fixed, $34 fee per vehicle, which is built into the pricing structure of our rentals. For example, if you rent a moped for 1-day, 1-week or 1-month, you only pay the $34 once no matter how long the rental period is. The fee covers and includes basic Third Party Insurance for your vehicle, a full tank of gas (or charge) and the labour required to get the vehicle ready for you (including the initial instructional course).
  • Is insurance included?
    Basic Third Party Insurance is included on all motorized vehicles in the Preparation Fee (excluding electric & mechanical pedal bikes). Third Party insurance covers any damages that you may cause to other parties if you cause an accident while renting the vehicle. We do however offer a premium insurance for an additional $8/day: the Comprehensive Liability Waiver (CLW). The CLW covers all damages or losses (above $100) incurred to your rental vehicle during the rental period. So this means, if the moped gets stolen, you will only be required to pay $100. If you have an accident, again, you will only be required to pay the first $100 of the assessed damages. Without this CLW insurance you may be liable for up to $3000 if the vehicle gets stolen, lost or damaged.
  • How does the pricing work?
    At ScooterMart Rentals we have a descending rate structure. This means the longer your rental period is, the lower the daily rate is. For example, if you rent for 1-month, the daily rate will be much less than if you only rent for 1-day. Our average rental period is 1-week, and for a quick reference, we've displayed the daily rates based on a 1-week rental period. To find out exactly how much your rental bike will be, click "Book Now" on our homepage, and enter the start/end dates and times of your rental period. Our online booking system will automatically show you what types of vehicles we have available for those dates, and what the exact prices will be based on the dates you chose. If you have any further questions, feel welcome to give us a call during office hours on +1 (441) 296-2300.
  • Can you deliver the rental bikes to my Hotel or AirBnB?
    Yes we can! There is an $80/bike delivery fee and remember that we do require you deliver them back to our physical location at the end of the rental period. This is necessary to inspect the vehicle and ensure there are no major damages or other losses incurred to the vehicle during your rental period. You can add Delivery and provide us with your delivery address by using our online booking system.
  • What do I do if I have a problem with the rental vehicle and your offices are closed?
    Step 1. Send us an email as soon as the problem occurs to Step 2. Leave the bike in where it is, just make sure it's position isnt obstructing pedestrian or automobile traffic. Lock the handle bars. Step 3. Wait until our offices reopen and give us a call on +1 (441) 296-2300. We deliver a replacement vehicle to wherever you are immediately.
  • What are your office hours?
    Our main headquarters, Elbow Beach Cycles, in Paget, is open everyday (Mon-Sun) from 8:30am - 5:30pm. Our Dockyard location, ScooterMart Rentals, is normally open from 8:30am-5:30pm, although we will close if there are no cruise ships at port.
  • Can I rent for less than 1-day?
    The minimum rental period is 24-hours. This means, you must pay for a full 24-hours, and you are entitled to keep the rental vehicle for a full 24 hours. Although, you are always able to return the vehicle early if you prefer. If you do in fact want to collect and return the vehicle on the same day, simply book it for 24-hours on the Online Booking system, knowing that you can always return it early. We do not offer discounted rental rates for early returns.
  • What happens if I return the rental moped early?
    You can always return the vehicle early, although we do not offer discounts or money back for early returns. Just please remember that you must return the rental vehicle in-person during office hours so one of our team members can perform the in-person vehicle check-in procedure and close your rental agreement.
  • Is it dangerous to rent a scooter in Bermuda?
    Renting a scooter in Bermuda has been one of the most popular activities for tourists for many decades. When done properly, it has about a similar risk as Scuba Diving. We take these risks very seriously and before renting a moped, our team will ensure that you're able to display vehicle operational proficiency in the pre-rental safety course. It's our jobs to make sure that you know the rules of Bermuda roads, and that you can safely and confidently operate the vehicle on our roads. If we do not believe that you will be safe, we will require that you change your rental vehicle from a scooter/moped to an electric bicycle. We may also decide to cancel your reservation entirely, and issue you a full 100% immediate refund.
  • What is the speed limit in Bermuda?
    The speed limit in Bermuda is 35 kilometers per hour (21 mph). We strongly recommend that you stay within the speed limit when riding your scooter. We Bermudian's operate on 'island time' so don't worry much about being late! 😜
  • How fast are the scooters? Are they powerful enough to go up steep hills?
    Bermuda law requires that rental mopeds & scooters cannot be over 50cc. These 50cc, gas powered 2-stroke scooters are not very fast, but will have plenty of power to go up hills or keep up with traffic. If we didn't have any speed limits, they would usually get up to about 80 kph (50 mph). If you find that your rental moped is a bit underpowered when going up steep hills, simply ask for us to swap it out with a different one - there will be no additional charge for a replacement vehicle. While we try our best to make sure all vehicles remain at optimal power and speed, sometimes during busy seasons the transmission parts can get worn down, causing the vehicle to be a bit underpowered.
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